• My grandparent's wedding
  • Gravestones in a cemetery
  • Looking at a family photo of a woman
  • Old family photographs and heirlooms
  • Family tree chart and photos
  • World War I Army pals
  • My parents' wedding
  • Windswept tree on a hillside
  • Photo of gravestones in a cemetery
  • Young person's hand touching old person's hand
  • Looking up the word family in a dictionary

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brick wall in your research

Hit a brick wall in your family history research? Let us break it down for you!

Have you hit a brick wall in your own research? Is there some stumbling block that's stopping you get back further? We will happily take a look and try to break down that barrier for you. 

It costs you nothing to ask! First hour free!

That's right, we will spend up to an hour taking an initial look at your problem at no cost to you as a new client. When we've got a feeling for what might be involved in solving your problem, we will then let you know whether we think we can help and will make you a proposal for some work to solve it.

We can either work to a no-win-no-fee bounty or a maximum research budget.

See How much will it cost and how does it work? for further details.

So, why not see if we can break down that brick wall for you!? We might be able to get you over that frustrating obstacle in your project and start you off in a whole new exciting direction! We have 30 years experience of solving genealogy puzzles, and are familiar with using sources that might not be immediately obvious to the amateur researcher.