• Looking up the word family in a dictionary
  • Looking at a family photo of a woman
  • Photo of gravestones in a cemetery
  • Old family photographs and heirlooms
  • My parents' wedding
  • My grandparent's wedding
  • Family tree chart and photos
  • Gravestones in a cemetery
  • Young person's hand touching old person's hand
  • Windswept tree on a hillside
  • World War I Army pals

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tree-planter research packageTree-planter - growing your tree from a tiny seed

Our Tree-planter package is the perfect way to get started on the fascinating adventure that is family history.

Want to research your family tree but don't know where to begin? Or maybe you just don't have the time to do the research yourself right now? We'll take things right from the start for you, working back from whatever point you specify, to explore your family's story and bring it alive for you.

What's more, we'll work to a budget that we agree together before the project starts, so you can be sure you won't pay more than you want to.