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I was thrilled when I was able to break down a "‘brick wall" with my family research from the 1700’s due to Pete’s great detective work.  I had been searching for years, to no avail, and being so far away in South Australia I found it particularly difficult to find anything out, due to the family names being all the same, from one generation to the next and as well not many clues to work with.

Not knowing really where to turn to I contacted Pete through Forefathers on the internet, and straight away found Pete extremely helpful. Then to my surprise in a short space of time he found the breakthrough I had been looking for, going back to the very early 1700’s, which is always very difficult due to the lack of records in some areas. Pete was very prompt, honest and reliable and very straightforward about what he could find out for me.  I have more research to do and will use Pete’s skills again in the future as I found it was invaluable.

Patricia Spry, Adelaide, South Australia